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To establish friendly, loyal and harmonious co-operation between all members, to facilitate efficient and effective administration, and to promote the best interest of athletes and athletics in the Free State Province.

To maintain and extend a system of clubs throughout the Province, where membership is open to all members of the community that reside within the boundaries of the province, and who wish to participate in athletics. Such members will have access to registration, participation, coaching, technical officiating and other services provided by AFS, provided that they comply with the Province’s membership requirements.

To continually strive to ensure that no form of discrimination is allowed (e.g. race, ethnicity, religion, gender or otherwise), and to ensure that steps are taken to prevent such discrimination.
To compile and maintain the rules and regulations governing athletics in accordance with the Constitution of ASA and this Constitution

More Objectives

To promote the development of officials, by hosting of theoretical and practical courses and examinations that will result in the registration of qualified officials, and to ensure availability of officials at all authorized athletics meetings in the Province.

To maintain the rules affecting the amateur status, and the eligibility of athletes, to compete at athletics meetings in AFS.

To train aspirant coaches in the principles and methodology of coaching, that will result in them being registered as qualified coaches, and to organize refresher and advanced courses for qualified coaches. Such training is aimed at ensuring the availability of coaches for the benefit of all athletes.